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We are in a new age, and everything is changing. Everything is developing to other levels, and we must follow this trend or else we will be left behind by this advancing technology. It is almost everything now that has been turned digital all over the world, and things are not being done manually like in the past. This new technology has made things easier, work more efficient and other things which we can not list all of them because we may not exhaust all of them at once since the new technology has covered all fields of life and has made an impact on each and every one of them.


When you need to carry out a business and sell your products, you can do it by yourself, in ways like going from door to door or even opening retail shops that will help you reach to the customers you need, but also you can employ others to do it for you of cos at a fee. Amazon is a selling platform which however can help you with your business by ways such as improving your sales, reaching to a wider market and customers getting to know about your products, but before this happens, one needs to create an online store with Amazon through the amazon vendor central.


First of all on how to create an online store, what one is required to do as a new seller, however, in coming up with his online store, is to provide your email address and the password you prefer before beginning. On the other hand, there are two different accounts which, however, have their advantages, they are the individual account and professional account. Similarly to the above, if for instance, you are registering in Amazon for a business may be your business, you will also be required to list the name of that business of yours, the contact of your business, such as the phone numbers and the rest, the tax number and also the credit card information that you hold. These are very vital details to be provided.


Nevertheless, when you are through with that, the next step of creating an online store with the Amazon is to identify the category of your products in the categories provided by Amazon and if however, any of your product does not fall into any of the categories present, then Amazon will guide you in getting a category for your product. After that, then there is the issue of pricing which is also not difficult since you will gauge your price with the ones already the other clients have placed on their products.