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Before you even decide to go on online selling, you need to decide first whether you will join the group under the vendor central account or under the seller central account. You see, these two may sound similar but they really differ a lot although both are about how to create online store. All you need to do is study and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these two before you decide on what to choose.


So let us begin with amazon seller central. Being under the vendor central is still becoming a seller. But the thing about vendor central is that there are a lot of limitations for you. One of which is the price to set. The control of the price depends on the main website seller company. They set the price and that is fixed. But on the bright side, they offer discounts and other special privileges as long as you become their top supplier. Yes, the best thing to describe your role here is a supplier. You sell your products to them in bulk and then they re-sell your products but under their name and supervision. All you need to do is supply them with the stocks. But on the lighter part, you are guaranteed with sales even if your products are not sold. That is how a vendor seller basically works.


So how about seller central? If you choose this one, you become the boss of your own business. In other words, you sell directly to the market by bearing your own company name. You can sell anything and price these items according to your computation of income. This will help you earn more as well as have control over your items. You can control the in and out of your products and you will know which products are saleable and which are not.


This way, you can decide what products will really give you higher marginal income. But on the other hand, selling directly to the market might not be that good for your first time since the market will still doubt your creditworthiness. Unlike vendor central wherein the products are sold by the main selling website that have already earned the trust of the market, you as a beginner, might find it difficult to sell your products. But on the brighter side, once you are able to have your own market, it will not be difficult to sell your products anymore and that would mean more income and sales for you.